Meet Our Team


Cierra Edejer

Chief Operating Officer

 Cierra is the analytical, problem-solving, and passionate side of Canes Connect.  Cierra serves as the main point of contact between the Canes Connect team within the organization, as well as with the general public when there are concerns or questions about the operations of the site.  Cierra has had much experience in leadership positions of oversight in past jobs and projects and is passionate about not only guiding, but growing Canes Connect into a popular, highly used networking sights for students to connect and meet alumni and employers.  As a diligent and driven student and manager, Cierra only wants her clients to find the same motivation to build strong foundations for success like she did.  Priding herself on being approachable, Cierra believes she is positioned well in the Management team to communicate with all sides of the Canes Connect operations chain, from the internal affairs to the users.  Cierra is currently a business student at the University of Miami, majoring in Business Analystics and International Business, hoping to build the best foundations for success as part of an international consulting company one day. 


Andrew Knotts

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Knotts is responsible for Canes Connect’s financial position and oversees research into the company’s expansion. As a self-driven, detail-oriented, passionate learner, Andrew is perfect for his role. He uses the same analytical skills at Canes Connect as he does everyday as a Finance major at the University of Miami. Andrew hopes to take the Canes Connect network to the national level via partnerships with universities and employers.


Kamryn Wingard

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer, Kamryn oversees all departments at Canes Connect and ensures the company is working actively towards its goals. She reaches out to potential partners and is the one that makes any vital decisions regarding Cane Connect’s future. With an extensive background in management and marketing, Kamryn is an essential asset to the business and is always developing strategic plans to capture new business opportunities. Kamryn is currently double majoring in Marketing and Motion Pictures at the University of Miami. While in college, she has worked  at Orange Umbrella— the school's consulting agency—as a videographer. Along with Canes Connect, she is in the process of founding her own video production company. 


Rena Palumbo

Director of Public Relations

Rena is the communicative advocate for Canes Connect. Rena is responsible for leading outward PR strategies and plans that promote key initiatives and promote the business. Rena has worked with a wide range of businesses and is confident in her skills when it comes to working with public relations. She has had much experience and is passionate about enhancing the businesses’ reputation. Rena hopes to leverage her skills in order to take Canes Connect to the next level. Rena is currently a full-time business student at the University of Miami, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, hoping to build more professional skills and gain experience for the professional business world.  


Victoria Fuentes

Chief Marketing Officer

Victoria is the marketing advisor for Canes Connect. Victoria is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of Canes Connect's marketing and advertising. Using market research as well as working closely with the Director of Public Relations, Rena, she is growing the community of Canes Connect. Victoria is currently double majoring in Finance and Marketing at the University of Miami where she hopes to build networking connections through Canes Connect.