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Canes Connect: Students Connect with the World of Business

Welcome to Canes Connect, a networking website for business students. Canes connect provides a platform for students to connect with each other over common interests in business, as well as build relationships with University of Miami alumni, growing their network and gaining guidance.  The goal is to provide students access to the corporate world through professional guidance, networking opportunities, and even seminars and guest speakers in order to give students the best foundation for success.

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Our Services

We provide a wide variety of services and resources for students to tap into.

Connection with Alumni

Have access to University of Miami alumni from all realms of the business world ready to meet potential employees or just provide mentorship and advice. This is a great way to build your network and stay connected with your school's community.

Workshops and Career Development

Be notified and have access to monthly workshops that will assist students in developing and refining their business skills and professionalism.  There will be resume workshops, interview workshops, and many more.  

Student-to-Student Connections

Have the opportunity to join groups and connect with students with similar majors and career interests by joining open forums designed specifically for your goals and interests.  Here, you can talk openly with other students about topics related to your majors

Community Support

Students and employers will have access to an open forum where students will have the opportunity to openly post about what they are involved in within the business world or pose questions and ask for advice on a business-oriented goal.  Anyone, students or professionals, with an account can comment back and provide their insight or advice.

Seminars and Guest Speakers

Have access to many guest speakers and seminars, many being UM alumni.  Hearing from professionals with expertise in many different realms of business will provide insight into the different aspects of business and help you make helpful contacts.


“Joining this amazing network of UM business students has brought me amazing connections within and outside of the school.  I feel more prepared to start my career than ever”

Bob Joe
Business Analytics Major at the University of Miami

Our Story 

Canes Connect was founded on the drive of five business students at the University of Miami.  Rena Palumbo, Andrew Knotts, Cierra Edejer, Victoria Fuentes, and Kamryn Wingard created this platform as an easier and more effective way to meet successful alumni that went to their college.  As aspiring businessmen and women, these five students knew networking was important to a successful career but were specifically interested in networking with employers that had gone through a similar experience at the University of Miami.  As a way to create this connection, they built Canes Connect, which allows students to find alumni interested in their similar interests and add them to their network.  Not only did they include a clear path of communication between current UM students and alumni, but they also integrated other resources of support to members looking to start their career on the right foot.  Based on each of the five's specific experiences and what they considered essential to becoming a professional, the creators added features like guest speakers, career-oriented workshops, and seminars to give students a cutting edge in the competitive business world.